Posted by: Sarah | May 14, 2009

Only 3 Days To Go…

We’re moving to Norway on Monday 18th May.  It’s an experience that both my husband, Eliot, and I have been wanting to do for some time – ever since we got back from travelling the world 5 years ago for our honeymoon.  We always thought that it would be brilliant to have the opportunity to live and work in a different culture, live a different lifestyle and experience the excitment and adventure of trying something really new!  It would be Canada, or Australia or New Zealand!  But no, we have the opportunity to move to Norway – not quite Oz but more Os-lo.

I’ve decided to write a blog to record the experience as it happens – one that I can look back and remember but also one that hopefully helps other people who are looking to move to Norway.

Now I know that Norway isn’t exactly on everyones list of countries to migrate to.  With just over 4 million people, Norway sits as part of the Scandanavian set of countries probably most famous for its Fjords and Vikings.  It’s not really on the tourist trail either unless you’re into cruising so what was it that pulled us to take this challenge?

Eliot works in the Oil and Gas sector for a Norwegian company and was promoted into a role that was based out of Oslo.  I’ve been fortunate enough to transfer with my company, an multi-national software organisation.  When we got the news that he had been selected, we jumped on a plane to find out what the place was about and on the 17th January (5 years to the day we left on our 6 month escapade around the world) we decided that this was going to be our next new adventure!

We got back and started the process and sold our car, notified our jobs and only yesterday our house was packed up into a truck, which is in transit somewhere en-route to Oslo due to arrive on Tuesday.  And here we are, 3 days before we take a one-way flight to our new home, living in my Mum and Dad’s house finalising paperwork and feeling VERY apprehensive.

This is probably one of the most life changing things we’ll ever do – we’ll either love it or hate it.  Early indications show we’ll probably love it.  Our first impressions are good – friendly and considerate people, clean streets, healthy eating (lots of fish), lots of activities (hiking, sailing, skiing) and generally a safe place with a good quality of life.  Oh, did I mention EXPENSIVE?  I’m sure we’ll come to that in later posts.  At the moment we’re feeling a little lost, unsure, apprehensive, upset and quite emotional.  We have a wonderful home in the UK and a great lifestyle so why put yourself through all this when the going is good?  I don’t know – it just feels like this is the right time to take such an opportunity.  They don’t come around very often and it’s up to us whether we choose to take them when we see them or not.  We all have choices and I would rather try it and dislike it than never try at all. 

Well – we’ve got this far…who knows what’s going to happen next!  It really does feel that life is one big adventure at the moment.


  1. i am from nigeria i want to travle to norway ,to work as IT ( NETWORKER)

  2. i read both your topics on movin to Norway and UK :) awesome writeup:) really captured your emotions moving fro and back to UK from Norway.. i was actually thinking of moving to Norway from India.. but haven’t decided yet.. by looking at the sheer beauty of the country on Nation Geographic channel and the quality of life over there..

    • Hi Mohammed – thanks for your comment and apologies for the late reply. I can highly recommend a move to Norway. Fantastic country. I have some amazing memories.

      • Hi Sarah.. Nice to see your reply:) i am applying for job through linkedin and other sites. But i guess to get Resident visa or any visa to move to Norway. Right now we need to have job from employer in Norway. So i dont think they are allowing the skilled workers visa to go and search for a job in Norway which was there earlier. Also i see only jobs related to Oil and Gas industry. I work in a reputed MNC inTesting Networking side. But the issue is Visa and getting a job. Learning Norwegian also one criteria ;)

        I have read your latest blog on Parental leave in Norway and London. Niceee. Looks like you still miss Norway in few things though. Whatever i saw in Discovery ultimate travel destination about Norway always makes me think to go and work there. Such a lovely and beautiful Country. I am sure you had Great and wonderful time there. Take Care.

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