Posted by: Sarah | May 31, 2009

Where Do Norwegians Go When The Sun Shines?

In short…they all go to Hovedøya.  There are many little islands just outside of Oslo but this one seems to be where everyone descends at the weekend if the sun is out.  We’ve not long moved to Oslo and this is the first time that we’ve ventured out and about to see what’s out there.  Several guidebooks write about Hovedøya so we thought we’d give it a try. 

There must have been 400 hundred people queuing to get on the tiny ferry that made the round trip to the island.  After 20 mins waiting, we managed to get aboard surrounded by bikini clad women, topless men all with their BBQ’s, towels, food, chairs, gas bottles (I kid not).  These folks are going for the day!  This is when we realised that we needed to learn more about the Norwegian lifestyle at the weekends.

The island is stunning…lots of beaches and grassy areas and the area is only 0.4 square kilometers .  There are also an old Cistercian monastery from 1147 which was pretty interesting.  But Norwegians don’t really go there for that  – they go to swim, eat, lounge, chat and generally have fun.  This was our first insight into what people do at weekends – next time we take a BBQ!

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