Posted by: Sarah | June 27, 2009

The Longest Day

Isn’t it weird…back home we really don’t think too much about the longest day but over here they celebrate it.  More so in Sweden.  On the longest day they all go to the beach and sit around bonfire chatting, bbq’ing, drinking…so not to be outdone, we had to go to one.  First we cycled 4km uphill all the way into the mountains and found a couple of kids playing with a few twigs that were on fire.  Then we cycled downhill to the main one on the sea front…it was only “klokka ti” (ten o’clock) but there were quite a few people there.  It was really nice…we had a beer and then went home…it was a work night!


  1. […] I’m feeling pretty ill at the moment since I’ve just over indulged on three of these sausage snacks – not the healthiest meal to have in Norway but one that’s worth trying if you’re a visitor.  We had two packets left over from the Sankthansaften (Midsummer) party on the 23rd June (which confused us because technically the longest day was on the 21st June).  It’s a big day in Norway where people celebrate the longest day by lighting bonfires, drinking lots of alcohol and having BBQs.  This year we celebrated it with friends (picture) but you can read more about the day from my post last year. […]

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