Posted by: Sarah | July 21, 2009

Cheese? Brown Cheese? Cheese That’s Brown?


Norway has some of the most stunning scenery, the friendliest people and a fantastic work/life balance so why did they invent one of the most bizarre tasting foods on the planet?  Anyone who is familiar with Peter Kay will understand the expression behind this post title – it’s not quite “Cheese Cake” but this whey cheese is brown and it takes of caramel – it’s called Brunost. 


Made with the milk from goats and cows, people eat it melted on toast and on waffles (sometimes with jam and cream).   It has a caramel taste, is strong and sweet and also comes as a ‘spread’.  Yes – it is as disgusting as it sounds but the Norwegians love it – I think this is because they ate it from a very early age and had no choice. 

However, I’m told that the Norwegians did invent the nifty metal cheese slicer that you use to scrape wafer thin slices.


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