Posted by: Sarah | July 21, 2009

Where Is Everybody?

Norway is a bit quiet at the moment.  Actually, it’s like a ghost town where we live.  The last two weeks in July and the first week in August are almost like a national holiday in Norway…everyone is off work, everything shuts down, everyone disappears. 

We’re renting a car from the landlord at the moment (hopefully not for long because it’s very old and really not worth the rental we’re paying), however, this weekend is the first time in 6 weeks that we’ve been able to go somewhere different.  Just as well because over the next two weeks the train network to Oslo has been shut down – surprise. 

We thought we’d try Ikea – see if it really is different if you’re in the Nordics … and it is!  Well the format is the same and the food is cheap (compared to the rest of Norway) but a lot of the products are different.  Anyway, all of those people not on holiday seemed to be in Ikea … it was busy … just like home.

We don’t want the car to take over our lives so we took the bikes to the local swimming pool.  It’s approx 3km from the house.  By the time we got there everything was weirdly quiet…you guessed it…shut until 4th August.  So we cycled back – in the rain.  We decided it was time to join a gym and start some marathon training (I’ve entered for the London Marathon and need to get training – thanks for the push Jen!).  To our amazement, the gym was open!  I couldn’t believe it!

Either way, end of July and start of August in Norway is pretty calm and quiet.  Everyone takes the time off to go abroad.  But it surprises me.  Norway is stunning in the sunshine and the most likely time for it to be sunny is now, so why leave?  The weather can’t be guaranteed but even so, I’d rather guarantee my sunshine abroad in November when it’s sure to be cold here…I can guarantee that!

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