Posted by: Sarah | July 30, 2009

Forms & Numbers

I found it difficult to find any information about what you have to do when you move to Norway…which forms to complete, where to visit to get tax numbers, ID numbers, D numbers…so I decided to make a quick guide for anyone else wishing to move to Norway from the UK. 

Opening a Bank Account and Getting a D Number:
When you get to Norway you need to visit the local police station to tell them that you’re here and get a D Number.  A D-number (dummy number) is a registration number for foreign nationals in Norway, who are not registered in the Norwegian Population Register (folkeregister), and therefore have not been assigned a Norwegian personal identification number (personnummer).   The reason you apply for one of these is because it’s quicker than getting an ID number (which can take months) and gets you mobile with a bank account pretty quickly.  A D-number is required to carry out certain transactions in Norway, for example in order to open a bank account in Norway, or register a company.  You can get this number 2 ways…if you want to open a bank account the bank should apply for a D-Number on your behalf OR you complete this form ( and go to the local tax office to submit it.

Are you working?  You’ll need a Tax Card
If you’re working in Norway you need to apply for a Tax Card.  This can be done as soon as you have a D Number.  Once you get your D Number you can apply for a tax card…if you don’t have a tax card you work will either tax you at 50% or not tax you at all – either way isn’t good because you’ll have to pay it back or claim it back…takes ages.  Here’s the form: and here’s the list of tax offices

How to now get an ID number and get access to Public Services e.g. Doctors
When you get your D Number in the post you can open your bank account and get a debit card – very important in Norway as quite often you don’t have enough cash to pay for shopping and bills.  Now that you have a D Number, you are able to apply for an ID number which puts you on the Norwegian register and gives you access to doctors, schools and other public services.  To get one of these take your D Number, two passport photographs and

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