Posted by: Sarah | August 8, 2009

BBQing Not Quite Aussie style!

DSC01973smallWe are both making the most of the sunshine here in Norway because not one day goes by when someone reminds you just how depressing this place can become during winter.  Just recently we’ve noticed the dark nights moving in earlier.  In May it wasn’t really getting dark at night but now it’s dark at 11pm.  I’m told that come November, it will be dark at 4pm!  I’m really not sure how I’m going to cope with living in darkness all of the time.   Anyway, as you can see we had the  BBQ out this weekend but didn’t realise the gas fittings were a little different over here.  We haven’t quite got around to sorting that out yet so in the mean time, we’ve stocked up on the disposable BBQs and pretending – well, it delivers the same desired result in the end!

August 16thDSC01998small
Had to update this post with a picture of Eliot…just to prove how changable the weather is.  It was lovely when he first lit the BBQ and then within 10 minutes, it was pouring.  I felt bad allowing Eliot to stand out in a thunderstorm (complete with lightening) with an umbrella.  Food was pretty good though!

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