Posted by: Sarah | August 9, 2009

På vei…On Our Way…


Every week Eliot and I go to Norwegian classes in an effort to understand the conversations our colleagues are having over lunch.  It’s also a great way to integrate with the locals.  The lessons start at 5pm and finish at 9pm every Monday and Wednesday and since we started Phase 2, things have certainly moved up a gear. 

 Each lesson is taught in Norwegian using Norwegian only text books (På vei) so it’s quite a challenge.  The only time the teacher refers to English is when she compares Norwegian grammar to English grammar.  The Norwegians have grammar drilled into them from a very early age and when you’re sat in a classroom with lots of other foreigners (who have all studied English) you can feel shamefully embarrassed about not understanding the grammatical construction of your own language.   I guess there’s a difference between ‘learning’ and ‘studying’ English.

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