Posted by: Sarah | August 12, 2009

6 Tips For Saving Money In Oslo

I’ve put together a few tips for saving money in the Oslo area…let me know if you have anymore…I’ll add them to this page!
Pop to Sweden.  If you’re in Oslo, the 1.5 hour drive to Sweden is well worth a shopping trip – food/clothes/furniture is up to 50% cheaper than in Norway so as long as you stick to your duty free allowance (10kg of meat/cheese and 4 bottles of wine or 1 bottle of spirit and 2 bottles of wine) you should be fine
Learn to cook.  Eating and drinking out is a treat rather than a habit so if you choose to live in Norway, learn how to cook up some good fish recipes
Get a travel card.  Getting around Oslo on public transport is really easy.  The trains, boats, trams, T-bane and busses are regular and I don’t think they’re too expensive compared to the UK.  There are many different types of cards so make sure you get the best one to suit your travel requirements (I’ll post something on this later).  Or hire a bike…there’s a bike hire system in Oslo that allows you to pick up and drop off in lots of locations around Oslo.
Avoid taxis.  Linked to the bullet above…public transport is pretty easy in Oslo so you shouldn’t need to take a taxi.  They are very expensive.  Just getting in the car will cost you £8-£10 and then you have the trip costs on top of that so it’s not the best way to move the capital. 
Buy candles.  We haven’t lived through a winter yet but we’re told that rather than turning on all the lights, light some candles for a more ‘cosy’ feel.  Saves on the electricity!
Buy booze at the airport.  Buying alcohol in Norway is expensive so it’s best to stock up on your duty free allowance whenever possible.  Get used to drinking Tuborg, Ringness, and other cheap Scandinavian beers.  The city has many Vinmonopolets (literally translated as “wine monopoly”) where the government regulates the sale of wine and other alcohol but they shut at 3pm ish and all day Sunday so make sure your plan drinking sessions.


  1. More tips to save money in expensive Oslo / Norway here:

  2. Some more tips for saving money in expensive Oslo:

    • Cool – thanks Jan!

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