Posted by: Sarah | August 16, 2009

Flag Flying Rules


The Norwegians are VERY proud of their country and so they should be – the scenery is stunning and the people are very considerate.  During the 19th century, Norway broke away from Danish rule.  Nationalistic sentiment was high and the Norwegians needed a flag to represent their identity – the flag shown in the picture.   To this day the flag is hugely popular.  You can buy one when you do your weekly food shop and if you have a flag pole in your garden or on your house you are expected to be waving the flag on the National Day – 17 May 

It’s really nice to see a nation proud of flying their flag.  It’s a huge symbol for the Norwegian people and represents the values and beliefs this country has.  I also learned last week (when sailing) that if you take your boat sailing you should raise your flag at 8am and take it down at 9pm between March and end of October.  It’s not uncommon to hear horns going off in the harbour if you’ve forgotten to take the flag down at 9pm.  A bit embarassing I expect. 

oslo_national_dayI’m really looking forward to 17th May 2010 when all the flags start flying for National Day.  It is supposed to be quite spectacular.  Sneak preview in the picture on the left.




Flag Flying Days in Norway

Date Occasion
1 January New Year’s Day
21 January Birthday of Princess Ingrid Alexandra
6 February Day of the Sami people
21 February Birthday of King Harald V
1 May Public holiday (Labour Day)
8 May Liberation Day (liberation from the German occupation of Norway, 1945)
17 May Constitution Day (1814) National Day of Norway
7 June Union Dissolution Day (end of the Swedish-Norwegian Union, 1905)
4 July Birthday of Queen Sonja
20 July Birthday of Crown Prince Haakon Magnus
29 July Olsok (Day of Saint Olaf, king and patron saint of Norway)
19 August Birthday of Crown Princess Mette-Marit
25 December Christmas

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