Posted by: Sarah | August 22, 2009

National Dress For Norway

250_bunadWe’ve have been thinking long and hard about the national dress in the UK – anyone got any idea?   Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been finding out about the National Dress in Norway – The Bunad.

I understand that most Norwegians get their first (and sometimes only) Bunad on their confirmation day and unlike other countries where the national dress is generally on show at museums, these are quite common…nearly everyone I’ve met seems to own one! 

 The style of the Bunad seems to depend on where in Norway you’re from so if your parents come from different parts of Norway, you can choose your favourite design!  There are over 300 different designs and is officially recognised as ‘formal dress’ to be worn on May 17th (National Day) and also at weddings.  

The Bunad consists of the complete outfit – dress, shoes and jewelry – and can start from £800 up to £4000 depending on the silver worn.  Silver mining in Norway was big business and so silver is a big part of the Bunad design – buckles, buttons, cufflinks, brooche, chains etc.  No wonder the outfit is expensive!

I think the design is great and I look forward to hiring an outfit for May 17th 2010 – just need to convince Eliot to do the same.


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