Posted by: Sarah | September 2, 2009

Things We Miss About The UK

What we miss about home…

  • Family and Friends come top of the list and we’re pleased that we getting a steady stream of visitors between now and January 2010
  • Food, in particular marmite, packet cheese sauce, cheddar cheese, cadburys chocolate, lincolnshire sausages, Branston pickle, custard and M&S food for special occassions
  • Cheap prices – it goes without saying that everything is more expensive here – apart from doctors prescriptions (they’re only £6.00 surprisingly)
  • British television although we’ve found away around this thanks to TVExpat
  • Supermarkets – they’re all quite small here in Norway and there’s not a great selection – we miss Tesco and Sainsburys
  • 24×7 – all the shops shut on Sundays and whilst most of the time it’s nice, sometimes it can be a little inconvenient
  • Newspapers and Magazines – it is possible to get hold of them in Oslo but they often cost £3.50 for a paper and £9 for a magazine


  1. Hi Sarah

    I read the things you miss about the UK with amusement!

    I remember when I first arrived not being very impressed with Rima 1000 (thought it looked a bit like Liddle in the UK! I hadn’t come across the Meny chain and also couldn’t get over the difference in price. What we have discovered, are the little chinese ships which seem to attract the Middle Eastern people. They’re range of fresh fruit, veg and generally spices and unusual jars of jars is amazing – worth checking out!

    Personally, I really miss sausages, marmite, good quality chedder cheese and furniture polish? Where do you buy? So far, we’ve drawn a blank!

    We have to laugh at the variation in shop opening hours especially before a local holiday. We nearly got short the weekend before the 17th!

    Donna x

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