Posted by: Sarah | September 7, 2009

Glass Blowing In Hadeland


Yesterday we took a trip 1 hour north of Oslo to Hadeland Gassverk.  Situated in the town of Jevnaker at the southern tip of lake Randsfjord, the glassworkd is the oldest industrial company in Norway that can claim continuous operation since its foundation in 1762. 

With its 140 employees, the glasswork today not only represents a large and thriving industry, but also significant operations linked to the Visitor Centre that welcomes more DSC02252than 600.000 visitors annually.  It’s quite an expensive place so don’t go expecting to bag a bargain in the factory shop.  I picked up a glass candlestick and it cost £200…for one!!! 

Having said that, you can understand why the prices are high.  When you’re there, you can go into the museum and watch the skilled craftsman create plates and bowls. 


It’s fascinating.  You have the option to pay 100NOK (£10) and have a go yourself.

So whilst all the children sat quietly watching the demonstration, Eliot and I were acting like two kids in the corner carefully blowing two matching tealight candle holders. 


They both look pretty good.  Mine is a quite thin and certainly looks a more “hand made”.    Eliot’s was almost perfect – the guy helping us was quite impressed.   Can you guess who created which glass on the right?

 Oh – one thing, go into the Honey shop and buy the honey coated peanuts…they’re delicious!

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