Posted by: Sarah | September 15, 2009

From Suffolk To Norway…

IMG00066Last weekend Eliot’s Mum, Dad and Gran came to stay with us for the weekend. It was the first time, in a long time, that Eliot’s Gran had left the United Kingdom.  She needed to get a new passport for the adventure!  At 85 years old she seemed absolutely determined to make it Norway and see where her Grandson had settled.  They took a different route from the UK flying KLM from Norwich to Amsterdam and then up to Oslo.  Although they had to change, it was probably better than the 3.5 hour car journey from Lowestoft to Gatwick! 

We had a lovely time and the weather was superb.  Despite the glorious weather we were experiencing at the time, Eliot’s Gran still brought her snow shoes with her – very sweet.  I have to admit, I never realised that Norway could be so warm in the summer!


We made the most of the time going to the Resistance Museum in the Akershus Fort (absolutely amazing – they sent messages around Oslo in wood logs!) after which Gran bought a DVD film (made in 1948) about the Heavy Water sabotage.  80% of it was in Norwegian so whilst Eliot and I were getting in some good language practice, I’m not sure how Mum, Dad and Gran were coping! 


We also walked around Oslo, went on a boat trip around the fjord and up to Holmenkollen – home to the second oldest ski jump in the world! There are some fantastic walks around there and a great restaurant called Frognerseteren

All in all, everyone had a fantastic time and we’ve heard that Gran has already told all her friends about “wonderful Oslo”!  Note:  The ski jump has currently been taken down and a new one is being built – bigger and better!!!

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