Posted by: Sarah | September 29, 2009

It’s Potato Picking Time!

I haven’t written anything for some time…life has been moving along nicely (work, rest, play) but today when Eliot and I walked to work we noticed that it was a very quiet day…no cars…no people…so what’s going on?

I asked a couple of colleagues at work and they told me that
the children are all on potatoes-1holiday this week.   Traditionally
the last Thursday in September is Fårikål Feast Day (post coming soon) and the week after that is potato picking week when the school children are sent home from school to go pick potatoes.  Now, this morning I had ice on my bicycle seat so these kids must have been freezing trying to turn over soil to pick out potatoes.  Luckily they don’t do that anymore and the likes of Ultra, Rimi and Rema all stock them in store!

Come to think of it, the Norwegians really like potatoes…a little like the Irish.  The more I research, the more I realise that they’re a staple food for Norwegians. 

We have them for lunch most days, they’re served when polse
dining out, they make dumplings (klubb) out of them, they cream them, stuff them, mash them, boil them and they even make them into bread called “Lompe” – a potato based pancake…try it with a Polse instead of bread (right). 

The good news is that Norway sells mainly Norwegian grown potatoes – they taste great – just like the ones our grandparents used to grow in the garden.  Only problem is rain…in some places this year, the rainfall has been 50% higher than the average causing 1000’s of acres still to be harvested.  Farmers are at risk of losing their crops, and main income, altogether.

Next year we’ll probably have a go at growing some ourselves and have our own potato harvest!

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