Posted by: Sarah | October 9, 2009

Our Debut On Norwegian TV (NRK1)

I was quite disappointed on Tuesday when I took my house full of visitors to watch the “Changing of the Palace Guard” …it was a soggy, wet, cold day and really wasn’t too spectacular.  Since then, the weather has been brilliant and since Ros and Chris had a few hours before their flight back to Australia, we thought today would be an ideal day to take some photos and purchase a few last souvenirs.  Little did we know that parliament was being opened in Oslo and we timed it perfectly. 

We waited a short time and before long we had witnessed three military bands, several hundred servicemen marchingDSC02475 up to the palace and the Royal Guard lining Karl Johans Gate from Palace to Parliament.  It more than made up for Tuesday. 

Minutes later, a stream of black Embassy cars slowly passed by taking each ambassador to Parliament Building (Stortinget) to witness the opening ceremony.  It was quite funny to watch…the Swedes came in a Saab, the British came in a Land Rover, the Germans in a BMW, the Americans in a HUGE chevrolet – you get the idea.  It was like a United Nations car catwalk!


After that, the Crown Prince Haakon went by followed by his Mum and Dad – King Harald V and Queen Sonja.  We saw the King and Queen of Norway!   They had an open top vehicle and were waving at the clapping crowds – very civilised society.  We were waving like mad to get a good photo snap.   We never expected to witness such an event and we were very lucky to get so close to royalty! 

As if that was not enough…one of our visitors was approached by BBC World Service for a comment about Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize and Mum and I made it onto NRK1 – the equivelant of BBC1 here in Norway.  Take a look at the day on video.  Look out for me and Mum – we make our debut 5.32mins into the film. 



  1. have really enjoyed reading all your stuff. Look forward to you visiting us in Oz and then you can twitter from there. Lots of love from Mary.

  2. Thanks Mary – it was so nice having you guys here…post coming soon!

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