Posted by: Sarah | October 15, 2009

Innebandy…The Sport Of Norwegians…And Eliot!

The winter is fast approaching so in an effort not to turn into recluse, both Eliot and I are trying to build an active a social life through the language school, work and meeting friends.  But you can’t do everything together so I joined a local choir (great fun…when they don’t sing in Norwegian :-)  ) and Eliot plays Innebandy…yes Innebandy (pronounced Iny-bandy).


I know it sounds a little like an indie music club for teenagers but Innebandy is actually an indoor version of hockey – also known as Floorball.  The sticks are light and shorter than hockey sticks (look a bit like plastic) and the plastic ball has holes drilled into it (26 holes to be precise).  It is believed that North Americans who migrated to Scandinavia created the game in the 1970s.  Started in Gothenburg in Sweden, the game quickly spread to the other Scandinavian countries as a recreation sport and is now taken quite seriously with championships.

So what has this to do with Eliot?  Eliot works with a guy who set up an Innebandy club after work so he decided to give it a try a few weeks back.  After the first time, he had to take the car to as he couldn’t walk any distance at all.  But he’s been playing for a few weeks now and slightly more adjusted.  Given that the game should be played 6 a side and they play with 4 people in total, they certainly get their fair share of excercise.

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