Posted by: Sarah | October 16, 2009

Working In Norway…The Perks!

Most people know it can be expensive to live in Norway but in return the standard of living is nice, it’s a safe place to live, there is very low unemployment and the healthcare is good.  However, over the last few days I’ve come across a number of things that affect me as an employee that I just wasn’t aware of.  It’s like getting a Christmas present every day!

  • All employees get Christmas Eve and Christmas Day off (you only get Christmas Day in UK)
  • All employees get New Years Eve and New Years Day off (you only get New Years Day in UK)
  • In December, you only pay half the income tax on your salary – a present from the Government I guess
  • If you move house, your employer lets you take a “moving day” – complimentary
  • New Fathers are entitled to 3 months paternity leave within the first year of the childs life

If any colleagues are reading this…are there any others?


  1. Well, the tax thing is a not quite as nice as described. The tax deduction form you got from the authorities acutally makes you pay MORE tax than what you really should be paying the remaining 11 months, to make up for the loss…

    They do the same with “feriepenger”, no tax dedcution on the money paid instead of your regular salary when you have vacation. Different employers have different regimes for this, but normally your June or July salary is swapped with “Vacation money” and no tax deduction.

    Easter has more bank Holidays than in UK…

    • Thanks for clarifying the tax deduction – it’s very hard to understand all the rules around tax and feriepenger – this month is feriepenger month and I really don’t understand that process at all! :-) Deserves a blog post all on its own

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