Posted by: Sarah | October 20, 2009

From Oz to Os…lo: Visitors From Down Under!


A few weeks back we had a house full of visitors from the UK and Australia and it was just such a fantastic atmosphere.  Mum and Dad (Sarah’s) came over first with Mary and Peter who are from Adelaide, Australia.  Eliot and I stayed with Mary and Peter when we travelled the world.  Then a couple of days later Chris and Ros arrived.  They also live in Adelaide, are very good friends with Mary and Peter and we stayed with them a couple of years back when we spent Christmas down under.  

Everything went so well – a walk around Oslo, up to Frognerseteren, the museums, Sognsvann lake, Sandvika – it was a busy time.  On the Thursday we went to the Folk Museum. 

It’s a great day out for anyone visiting Oslo for the weekend but go on a dry day – a lot of it is outside.  Traditional buildings, old churches, paintings, craft houses – it’s fantastic.  We even came upon some stilts that we just couldn’t help but have a go at! 

The house was so quiet when everyone left – we need some more visitors!



  1. We all had a wonderful time. Thank you so much Sarah and Eliot. We will definitely come again!

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