Posted by: Sarah | October 24, 2009

Holidaying With Norwegians In Paris


Oslo this way - top of the Eiffel Tower

What a weekend!  We recently travelled to Paris for the weekend with Eliot’s work colleagues.  It’s a  funded trip (for Eliot) via the employee entertainment fund – a budget set aside each year for employees to go and have fun.  Wives were also invited – some might say that the fun stops there – but Eliot seemed pretty okay with it!  Besides, we got to experience what it was like holidaying with Norwegians.  You have to imagine it – 20 Norwegians who know each other in a country where wine and beer is half the price – we were expecting fun.

First we should mention that we travelled Ryan Air from Torp Airport.  Torp-Oslo is like saying Birmingham-London – it’s not very close.  It’s about an 1.5 hour on the coach.  Nice airport, great flight (if you obey the strict Ryan Air rules) and then we flew into something like Brussels, Paris – can’t remember but closer to Belgium than Paris :-)  All in all – 8 hours travelling from door to door – not recommended if you’re going for the weekend.


Paris was fantastic.  We had the days to ourselves and spent the evenings as a group.  Eliot and I had a military style plan of action for both days starting with coffee with a friend, followed by Eiffel Tower (with a long distance view of Oslo – picture), then Arc de Triomphe (watching the crazy traffic – video) walking up the Champ Elysees to The Louvre, coffee in Cafe Marly overlooking the glass pyramid (thanks Cath and Lori for the recommendation) and then back to hotel.  We were shattered.  We had 15 mins then we were meeting for dinner and drinks until 3am the next morning!

Needless to say, Sunday was somewhat slower.  Sacre Coeur, river cruise and a flambee pudding that nearly took my eyebrows off (video).  We had a fantastic weekend and would love to go back at some point. 

Anything you think we missed that’s worth going back for?  Need to plan the next itinerary…

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