Posted by: Sarah | December 28, 2009

Sivert Høyem And My 2nd TV Appearance

A few weeks back I experienced my first taste of Norwegian music culture.  My friends Lena and Marianne took me to see a Norwegian artist called Sivert Høyem – a rock artist!   I wanted to be prepared for this so I downloaded one of his albums – Madrugada.   I just didn’t realise that this was when he was part of a group called Madrugada and not only that, his concert was based on his latest album Moon Landing.   No worries…I joined his Facebook group to get a feel for what his fans are saying.  Only, most of the fans comments were in Norwegian and whilst I’m still taking lessons I couldn’t quite keep up with the conversation online.  I have to say he’s pretty good and I’ve just seen on the internet that he originates from Scotland so to some extent…it’s good to support a fellow Brit! 

I'm highlighted with a red ring - can you see me?

To top it off, I didn’t realise that the concert was being recorded for broadcast on the TV so unknowingly I managed to make a 2nd appearance on NRK1 (5.54 mins in) albeit a little blurred and brief (first appearance being when parliament opened in October).

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