Posted by: Sarah | December 30, 2009

Training For 2010 – The Goodall/Clutten Bob Sleigh Team

Assessing the course

I think I must be a secret adrenaline junkie.  I must get it from my Dad because when I told him about the Olympic Bob Sleigh track that was open for the public to try, he was up for the challenge.  Eliot wasn’t so keen but I had decided that a day trip out to Lillehammer (host of the 1994 winter olympics) was in order.   It’s a 2.5 hour train ride north of Oslo and quite a pleasant journey – especially with the snow and hills – very picturesque. 

Before the experience

We arrived in Lillehammer at 11am and everything shuts at 3pm so I was keen to get to the bob sleigh track pretty sharpish.    However, there’s one slight snag that the tourist sites don’t tell you about – whilst Lillehammer has the ski jump and the “Olympic Park” HQ, the actual park itself is spread all around the area – for miles!  The bob sleigh track is a 20 minute drive north in a place called Øyer.  The slalom skiing is 15 min drive in another direction.  

HINT:  If you fancy a trip to Lillehammer – go by car – there are not many buses and getting around in a taxi is not cheap! 

After the experience

We finally arrived at the Luge and Bob Sleigh Track and it wasn’t too busy so without any hesitation I booked three seats (Mum wasn’t too keen) and off we went!   You get a choice – Taxi Bob (the real deal starting half way down the track, pulling 5G’s), Bob Rafting (the safer option but starting at the top of the track pulling 3G’s) and the Skeleton (basically an oiled up tea tray that you lie down on head first with your nose 1cm from the track – don’t think so!) 

 Did You Know… 

  • Lillehammer Olympic Bobsleigh and Luge Track is Northern Europe’s only artificially refrigerated bobsleigh and luge track
  • Lillehammer Bobsleigh and Luge Track was built for the Olympic Winter Games in 1994
  • The track is 1365 m long, and the height difference from start to finish is 114 m.
  • The track has 16 curves – not that we were counting
  • The Taxi Bob reaches speeds of 120 km per hour
  • The Bob Raft reaches speeds of 80 km per hour – a wind chill factor of minus 30 degrees

Absolutely brilliant day out only slightly hampered by our return train being cancelled so we had a long coach ride back to Oslo – another good reason to take the car! 


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