Posted by: Sarah | February 13, 2010

Winter Olympic Mania

About 3 years ago Eliot and I visited Vancouver, Canada…home of the 2010 Winter Olympics.  The ‘inukshuk’ (or the olympic logo) was everywhere and preparations were well underway – even that long ago!

The 2010 winter olympics opened last night and it’s worth noting that Norwegians take this event very seriously.  I’m taking a short break from skiing at the moment (see why in the “ski lesson” post coming soon) so when leaving the office yesterday one of my colleagues suggested watching the olympics instead.  “Good idea” I said “which sport do the Norwegians excel in?” I asked.  There was silence…and then he responded…”EVERYTHING of course!!!”.  So now I know how seriously Norwegians watch the score board – something that we don’t bother following in the UK.  I’m told that this nation really doesn’t mind where it comes on the scoreboard – as long as it’s higher than Sweden. 

We’re now sat here watching the Biathlon – a sport I’m really not sure I understand.  The Biathlon is a combination of skiing and shooting.  Contestants cross-country ski their way around a course and then stop, lie on the floor, fire a gun at a target and then carrying on skiing to the next target.  The only stopping I do when I’m cross-country skiing is for a boller and hot chocolate – oh…and when I’ve fallen over!

In the “All Time Winter Olympic Medal Chart“, Norway tops the chart in Gold, Silver and Bronze and have won 280 medals in total.  Bottom of the chart is Romania (with 1 medal) and the UK comes a little way up from the bottom with a total of 20 medals – which is not bad considering the winter olympics is not Great Britain’s strongest point.   I think Great Britain is remembered for 2 things when it comes to the Winter Olympics.  Firstly, Torvill and Dean’s fantastic Bolero routine on ice which earned them a gold.  Secondly, our notorious ski jumper “Eddie the Eagle Edwards” who is apparently a legend in Norway known mainly for his courage and not so much his skill.  

Good luck Norway – we’re routing for you!  Unless Team GB somehow manage to take the lead:-)



  1. …you forgot my personal hero; mr Alain Baxter from Scotland – who won the bronze medal in the Salt Lake Olympics – in slalom! He and his more famous friend Bode Miller went celebrating – and Baxter lost his medal in dope control two-three days after because of coke…

    • Well noted Geir! Watching the Olympic updates each night and noticed that Norway didn’t do so well yesterday in the skiing – oh dear! I see Sweden have the slight edge on the league board

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