Posted by: Sarah | February 14, 2010

Walking On Water…Eh?

Dive board

Every time I travel towards Sandvika I have been amazed at the view since the sea that we were once swimming in during the summer months has now frozen over.  But this isn’t just a thin layering of ice – folks are skiing and walking on it.  This little expedition has played on my mind for some weeks and today, we finally got to venture out ourselves!

 Eliot wasn’t so keen on the idea at first but once we parked up and saw hundreds of people trailing their way across the frozen sea, he didn’t think it was so dangerous after all.  In fact when you see families drilling holes in the ice to do a spot of fishing or lighting fires to keep themselves warm (yes, they were lighting fires…on the ice!!!!!) we really did have to pinch ourselves and just check we weren’t in a weird dream. 

We carried on walking and noticed that folks weren’t just taking a little hike around the area – they were walking across the fjord to another landmass – this was starting to look like an arctic expedition but to Norwegians, this is just a Sunday stroll.  The chart on the right shows the red line we took from the car to the waffle/hot dog stand (yes, there was a hot dog stand in the middle of the fjord!).  The green line shows where most carried on their journey to another island called Kjeholmen – it’s not even on the map!  

 To my surprise though – when looking this map up on the internet I notice there is a little island called “Sarah”.  Now, I’m not sure if this is a sign sent from above or a joke but how fantastic is that?  I shall have to lay a claim to that island since I don’t believe Sarah is a common name here in Norway.

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