Posted by: Sarah | April 12, 2010

Singing In Norway…But Not Eurovision!

Eurovision is around the corner and my friend Line and I are still trying to get hold of tickets as this year Oslo is hosting the event.  In fact, the concert will happen just 2km from our front door so it seems a real shame to miss the opportunity and experience the atmosphere.

It just made me realise that I haven’t written about the Queens Art Choir.  For the last 7 months I’ve been a member of a choir.  I’m no great singer but I do enjoy music.  I joined because I wanted to meet people and integrate a little more into Norwegian society so Line searched the web for me, found a choir and I’ve been going ever since! 

It’s a fantastic community of people and we have such fun.  We sing everything from ABBA to Lloyd Webber and even perform at concerts throughout the year (I haven’t done this yet!)  Last week, we had a workshop all day and a party in the evening (which explained my headache the next morning) and we recorded some of the songs we were practising.  I thought I’d post them here for some entertainment!

Angel (Sarah Mclachlan)sang  by Queens Art Choir – redigert.mp3

Somewhere Over The Rainbow sang by Queens Art Choir the rainbow – redigert.mp3

Ain”t No Mountain High Enough sang by Queens Art Choir no mountain – redigert.mp3

Rhythm Of Life sang by Queens Art Choir of life – redigert.mp3


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