Posted by: Sarah | April 14, 2010

Season With Care…

Just a quick post – last week we discovered something that I can’t believe took nearly a year to discover. 

I think it’s quite common knowledge that Scandinavians love salt – salt liquorice is just one example.  However, the next time you eat in a Norwegian restaurant and you feel the need to season your food, be careful which pot you pick up.  The Norwegians have done a clever trick! 

In the UK, the pot with one hole is for salt and the pot with multiple holes is for pepper.  Not in Norway – they’ve switched the pots!  I think this must be to maximise the amount of salt you can get in one shake.   You have been warned :-)


  1. hmm, i did not recognise it in UK.
    but in Turkey we use it as Norwegians :)

  2. Ah – I did wonder if the whole of Scandanavia did the same thing but didn’t expect it to reach Turkey!

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