Posted by: Sarah | May 13, 2010

Christ’s Sky Trip Day And Making The Bridge

Today is a religious day – “Kristi Himmelfart dagen” which literally translated into English mean “Christ’s sky trip day”.  It’s more commonly known as Ascension Day in the UK – a day celebrated in remembrance of Christ’s ascension into heaven 40 days after his resurrection Easter Sunday. 

I think the most of Europe get today off as a bank holiday but unlike the UK, most of Europe take the actual day as bank holiday rather than moving the bank holiday to the nearest weekend.  However, this system brings one flaw.  In the UK, when the bank holiday falls on a weekend you get the Monday off.  Not in Norway!  If it falls on the weekend you’re out of luck!  Christian, a colleague at work, told me that quite often there are conversations in early January as to whether it will be a “good” year or a “bad” year depending on how many of these situations occur.  Apparently, this year is not so bad.

However, it also introduced me to a new phrase – “making the bridge”.  This is what a lot of Norwegians and Europeans are doing tomorrow…taking the days in between the bank holiday and the weekend to extend the holiday period. 

Eliot gets the day off anyway because he’s been working an extra 6 minutes every day.  Yes – his company factors in an extra 6 mins onto the working day which adds up to 3 extra days that he must take when they say – not so bad!


  1. As a matter of fact, “Kristi Himmelfartsdag” will always be on a Thursday, so this particular day is never in danger of being lost as a day off…

    • That’s good to hear – we don’t get that many days off if they fall on a weekend so we need to treasure these days!

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