Posted by: Sarah | June 25, 2010

How To Eat “Pølse Med Lompe”

Pølse med brød

You can’t go far in Norway without coming across “Pølse” – a Frankfurter/Hot Dog type sausage.  Apparently Norway is the biggest sausage eating country per capita in the world consuming an average of 100kg of pølse a year per person!   You will find them served in pretty much every newspaper shop, IKEA, mountain hut and train station around Norway and normally eaten by on-the-go people.  It’s more common nowadays to chop it up and add it to stirfrys and stews!

You can get different varieties (for example wrapped in bacon, spicy, chorizo, plain etc) and they can be served in one of two ways…

1) “med brød” = with bread

2) “med lompe” = with a potato pancake – pronounced “loomper”

“Med brød” is easy – the sausage is wedged between a long light fluffy bread roll with which you can add a variety of toppings.  However, “med lompe” takes a tiny bit of skill.  If you’re new to this experience then take note.  The sausage is placed in a thin, round pancake made of potato (yes – pancake made of potato) and then you add different sauces, roll it up and eat it.  Sounds easy?

Pølse med lompe

The first time I tried this pastime was in Gardermoen airport whilst waiting to board a plane to the UK.  Inexperienced as I was, I clearly added too much sauce, stuffed way too many extras in, followed by loosely rolling up the sausage – you can probably guess the rest – it was a mess!  Here’s the tip – limit the sauce, wrap sausage tightly and eat from both ends! 

I’m feeling pretty ill at the moment since I’ve just over indulged on three of these sausage snacks – not the healthiest meal to have in Norway but one that’s worth trying if you’re a visitor.  We had two packets left over from the Sankthansaften (Midsummer) party on the 23rd June (which confused us because technically the longest day was on the 21st June).  It’s a big day in Norway where people celebrate the longest day by lighting bonfires, drinking lots of alcohol and having BBQs.  This year we celebrated it with friends (picture) but you can read more about the day from my post last year.

Anyway, logging off now.  It’s nearly 11pm at night and it’s still light outside!


  1. Hello
    Its so fun to read your histories from Norway, I am from Oslo but spend as much time as possible in Manchester, and yesterday i served my man pølse med lompe (airborn from Norway) for the first time, at christmas i made proper pinnekjøtt and tomorrow we will have Finnbiff ( raindeer)
    I have also with me brown cheese for the first time :) i show him your blog, then he learn about our food and country in a fun way
    Thank you
    Britt Helene

    • Wow – you really are taking a taste of Norway to the UK. I’m impressed! I would love to know how he reacts to brown cheese. I don’t know any non-Norwegian (other than my Mum) who likes it. It’s the caramel/cheese thing…it’s not right!

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