Posted by: Sarah | September 5, 2010

Nautical Norwegians And Their Love Of The Sea

Yesterday Eliot and I visited the Boat Show in Sandvika.  We weren’t shopping…just browsing but it was great fun and quite an eye opener.  Some boats were HUGE and quite luxurious – not to mention expensive. 

There’s one thing that Norway has in abundence…and that’s water.  In fact if you ever look at a Google map of Norway it looks like the country is sinking.  It’s just so wet! 

Well, with water comes the need for boats and despite us living on the coast of Hampshire for over 8 years, I have never seen so many boats as I have since living in Norway.  Not everyone is into boating but with such beautiful landscapes and fantastic fjords it’s really not surprising that the Norwegians enjoy the nautical lifestyle.  It’s probably also why hundreds of thousands of tourists cruise the west coast fjords each year (

Boats go back a long way in Norway…particularly to the Viking era when the Norwegians managed to navigate the world on longships.  If you’re in Oslo it’s well worth visiting the Viking Museum on Bygdøy to get an idea of what these longships looked like.  Most of the Norwegian vikings made it to the east coast of England and Scotland on these vessels but some managed to get all the way to America!  Actually I wonder if Eliot is part viking since much of East Anglia was also invaded.  Anyway, when you see the longships you’ll soon realise just how tough these guys must have been – no home comforts, just wooden benches. 

Just an aside…Eliot tells me that vikings never wore horns on their helmets – they strapped birds on instead – yeah right!  Anyone who can clarify gets a free horned helmet from the local tourist shop :-)

Well, we did find a boat we could afford in the end but it didn’t do much for our street cred so we decided not to bother (below).

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