Posted by: Sarah | February 7, 2011

Skiing…The Cross Country Way

Just after Christmas my friend Line offered to take Eliot and I out on a ski trip…a cross-country ski trip.  This is a very typical weekend activity for Norwegians and given that we hadn’t dusted off our cross country skis this year we thought we’d give it a go…on one condition…no hills!

So Line decided to take us to Nøklevann – a frozen lake which was flat and therefore safe.  Falling over was very unlikely as was the possibility of running over small children.  This felt right.   It also gave us a great opportunity to ski with a Norwegian – pick up some tips!  So Eliot prepped up our skis (scraping, spraying and wiping off last years ski wax).

We packed up the car and picked up Line before heading off to the lake.  This was lesson number one.  As we arrived I thought I should call up Line…see if she needed a hand bringing all her gear downstairs.  I should have realised.  Norwegians are prepared.  She skipped down the steps in all the gear (including her boots) carrying her neatly bound skis and poles.  She put them in our car which was full of equipment scattered across the car including skis, poles, a change of clothes, spare shoes, water, chocolate and  Swix box full of every ski wax you could possibly imagine (not that we would know what to do with them!)

We arrived at Nøklervann and Line had to wait 20 mins whilst Eliot and I sorted all our equipment out, repacked our rucksack, got changed and waxed the skis.  Then we were on our way.  Whilst Line said the lake would be flat, she forgot to mention there would be a hilly ski up to the lake.  I walked.  Eliot skied.  Eliot fell over. 

I campaigned all the way up the hill suggesting we should visit the hytte for a boller and hot chocolate before the ski but Line was having none of it.  Ski first.  Hytte second.

Off we went and you can see our journey and photos on EveryTrail.  We actually did a return trip so almost 7km in total.  Not bad for beginners and we were rewarded for our efforts with a boller and hot chocolate at the end of the trip!   It was pretty icy and therefore quite difficult to maintain balance.  The cross-country skis are very thin and long, not like the planks you wear on your feet when alpine skiing.   Both Eliot and Line fell over.  Yours truly managed to stay upright for the entire trip.  Despite the odd slip and subsequent yelp, I was pretty chuffed that I remained stable for most of the journey.   Must have been my technique :-)

Anyway, I wanted to video some footage to share the cross-country skiing technique with you so I asked Eliot to demonstrate [below].  It didn’t quite go to plan and for the record, I did eventually go to his rescue…once I stopped laughing (or cackling as Eliot calls it).


  1. Loved it, Sarah. Keep those posts coming–and I can relate to the uncertainty of cross country skiing down slopes. :) I’ve taken lots of spills that way, too.

    Eliot was looking pretty good at the beginning of the video and I had a good chuckle at the end as well.

    Thanks for taking the time to do your posts.

    • Thanks Brit – yes, Eliot was looking good at the start. I was quite impressed and then it all went wrong. I’m just not used to skiing down any kind of hill and it’s so hard to get those cross country skis out the tracks when you’ve got some speed up. Glad you’re enjoying the posts!

  2. Hello from Spain ( Ibiza ) !! Love Norway . I spend my hollidays in Oslo.
    Like your pictures an blog.


    • Hello Maria – thanks for reading my blog and so nice to meet someone who also loves Norway! You have a great blog – what lovely pictures. Is it really that sunny in Ibiza at the moment? Looks gorgeous. I need some sun!

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