Posted by: Sarah | February 20, 2011

Marathon Training The Nordic Way

Last year I decided that I wanted to run the London Marathon.  It looks like such fun on the TV – all the bands playing, people cheering and a great opportunity to see the sights around London.  So when Eliot’s Aunt asked me if I would like to run on behalf of the charity she works for – The Cardiomyopathy Association – I jumped at the chance.

Not only will I run the race I’ll be raising money for a great cause at the same time.  Cardiomyopathy is a disease of the heart muscle which can impact anyone at any age.  Whilst it’s not curable, it can be managed and research is key to finding out more about the disease.

Before February last year I couldn’t run for the bus, let alone several kilometers.  So it all came as a bit of a shock when I started training but somehow I managed to make my way through the BUPA 10km race in London in May 2010 and then doubled it up when I ran the Oslo Half Marathon in September 2010.  Admittedly I was running with a goat and six dogs towards the back, but I did manage to finish.

The London Marathon is in April which means winter training.  Winter training in Norway is pretty harsh so I run in the gym during the week and then I take my long run outside during the weekend.  Today is special – I completed my longest ever run – 22.2km!

I started out when the temperature was -16 and that warmed up to a balmy -9 by the end of the run.  Today I even noticed my eyelashes were freezing up as were all of the carb drinks that I was carrying around my waist.  The ice and snow do slow my pace down which is a little frustrating but I’m really hoping that all of these obstacles will toughen me up and perhaps on April 17th 2011 I’ll run around London like the Looney Tunes Road Runner character.

I have 2 months of training left (thank goodness) and I’ll be regularly posting my progress on this blog.  I’m aiming to raise £1500 for charity and I’m nearly half way there!

If you’d like to donate, you can do so at my Just Giving page and if I exceed my target of £1500, I pledge to carry the Norwegian flag the full marathon distance in April.


  1. Brilliant post Sarah, I can’t believe your drinks froze!! 2 months to go, sounds like you’re right on track. 22km?? That is an amazing run!! What’s next? Ironman :o)

    • Thanks Ravinder…not sure I’m ready for an Ironman. I think this marathon will just about finish me off.

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