Posted by: Sarah | February 23, 2011

Oslo Takes Center Stage As The World Ski Championships Start Today

The whole of Oslo is buzzing with excitement at the moment because today is the first day of the FSI Nordic World Ski Championships – a major event for skiers and ski jumpers around the world. There will be competitions, concerts and celebrations galore across the city centre.  The organisers are expecting over 300,000 spectators and supporters to descend on Oslo during the next week and all the activity is centered around the brand new ski jump at Holmenkollen.  My colleagues told me at work yesterday that people will be camping in tents over the next week to make sure they get a good spectator position.  It’s minus 12 degrees outside.   Crazy.

Ski jumping actually originates from Norway.  In the early 1800’s a Norwegian Lieutenant called Olaf Rye launched himself 9.5 meters down a big hill.  One thing led to another and by 1892, after lots of Norwegians threw themselves down big hills, a proper ski jump was built and an annual event was created.  Ever since then Holmenkollen is known as THE PLACE for ski jumping around the world.  Since opening, the arena has hosted 9 different international ski championships including the 1952 winter olympics.

This event has taken years of preparation, decision-making and money ($82M).  Norway has rebuilt the entire arena because the old jump wasn’t up to international standards.  I have to say that it does look fantastic and I’m very excited to own a pair of tickets to go see the mens ski jump on March 5th.  Rest assured that I will be going for the full Norwegian experience including flags, face paint, pølse sausage in a thermos flask and hot chocolate!

If you’re not going to make it to Holmenkollen this week don’t worry – you can test drive the new Holmenkollen ski jump via this online game.  Naturally the Norwegians are high up on the score board.  After several attempts I’ve not managed to land on my feet yet (not surprising given my ski history).  I think I must be slightly worse than England’s very own Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards.

Norway, as Eddie won’t be jumping this year, you have my full support!


  1. Caught up with your blog today – makes really good reading. Keep it going.

    • Thanks Mum. Miss you. xxx

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