Posted by: Sarah | March 5, 2011

The Norwegian Supporter Kit Bag (Video)

Yesterday Eliot and I went up to Holmenkollen to see the FIS World Ski Championships and support Great Britain and Norway.  It was a super day out and I went fully prepared with my typical Norwegian kit bag.  Take a look at the video to find out what you should pack if you’re spending the day watching sport in Norway.

To my Norwegian friends and readers, have I missed anything?


  1. Ha ha, that looks about right :)

    The lompe is quite dry so ketcup is often necessary. Or, well, you can always drink more beer to make it less dry I guess :p

  2. Great point…I noticed the family next to us in the arena obviously came more prepared than us complete with ketchup, mustard and a choice of bread or lompe. We still have much to learn!

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