Posted by: Sarah | March 9, 2011

Oslo2011: The Full Holmenkollen Experience

Eliot and I had been looking forward to the FIS World Ski Championships for some time now.  I booked tickets to the ski jumping event in October 2010 so you can imagine how long I’ve had to wind Eliot up with my preparation ideas!

I’m proud to say that Great Britain was represented. We had a few cross-country skiers (Andrew Musgrave, Rosamund Musgrave (must be related), Simon Platt and Callum Smith) and we had one ski jumper – 45 year old James Lambert (the oldest ski jumper in the competition) who was outrageously thrown out of the event by the FIS because he was considered too dangerous on the jump.  Anyway, here’s a quick summary of the day to give you and idea of how it went.

First…preparation.  You can’t go out to such an event and support Norway without the right equipment

Here are some photos from the day.

Here are a couple of videos to give you a feel for the atmosphere on the day.  The video below shows the jump that secured the Norwegian team the silver medal.  Stick with it…the jumper appears half way through the video.

It’s a little difficult to see but the whole arena took part in a giant mexican wave – good job because it kept us warm.

Hope this gives you a flavour of the day!


  1. Beutifulls photos and videos !
    Love Oslo.

    Hugs from Ibiza


    • Thanks Maria – yes we were lucky on the weather for sure. The whole week before was misty and foggy. Cleared up just in time for our day out!

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