Posted by: Sarah | July 22, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Explosion In Oslo, Norway

Image from NRK

I’m absolutely shocked at what I’m seeing in the beautiful city of Oslo.  This afternoon a massive explosion occurred.  So far one person has been confirmed dead and several injured.  The cause of the explosion is currently unconfirmed but given that there aren’t really gas networks in Norway (it’s mostly electricity) it is starting to look suspicious. 

Thank goodness that it is holiday time in Norway which means short working hours and most people are away.  I just hope there are no more fatalities. 

I heard a huge bang earlier today but assumed it was thunder given all the rain we’re having today.  Seems that I heard the explosion from my home.  All I can hear now are sirens – something you don’t hear very often in Norway. 

You can follow the latest coverage in the following locations:

Number to call to check safety of relatives: 815 02800


  1. Sarah, all my thoughts are with you and all the Norwegian people, absolutely shocking this is…

    • Thanks Ingeborg

  2. I’m very sorry about what happened today in Norway. It makes me very sad and angry. My thoughts are with you!

    • Thanks Lynette – yes, the nation is slowly starting to realise what has happened. Complete shock

  3. Our thoughts are with the people of Norway, especially the families affected by these horrific acts.

    • Thanks Mum and Dad xxx

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