Posted by: Sarah | July 27, 2011

The Day Oslo Was Showered In Roses (Photos)

On Monday Oslo held a “Rose Parade” where 250,000 people took red and white roses into the city to remember all of those people who lost their lives in the terrible attacks on the 22nd July.  After the parade everyone placed their rose around the city.  Eliot and I went in last night to take a look and they were everywhere.  In windows, on traffic lights, entwined in statues, floating in fountains – it was an incredible sight.  We took some photos to share with you so you can see the scale of this memorable occasion.  What we can’t share with you is the smell of roses that filled the air – that is something we won’t ever forget.


  1. Amazing! Thank you, Sarah, for keeping us updated in such a personal way. Newspaper and news coverage is good but your personal touch really brings the whole event closer to home.

    • thanks for your updates. though am a nigerian and live in nigeria, i find your newspaper an interesting read


      • Thanks for the comment Sani

    • Thanks Brit – I try to add a personal perspective. The bit the news doesnt often cover

  2. hi Sarah,

    We are all Norvegian those days.
    Thanks for sharing some poesy , that help reduce the monstruosity and sadness may be.
    I send all my positive thoughts to the youth of Norway .

    Talk to you soon.

    gaëlle from SAP.

  3. Sarah, you are amazing to keep us up to date on this tragedy in such a personal and moving way. Thank you!
    Mary Eileen

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