Posted by: Sarah | August 2, 2011

Touring West Norway Day 1: Oslo To Ålesund

Eliot and I have now lived in Norway for over 2 years and we haven’t yet made it to the west coast to see the dramatic fjords so to celebrate my 35th this week I decided to treat my Mum and I to a little holiday.  Eliot doesn’t have a lot of time left to take as vacation so he will be joining us later this week with Dad.

I booked the Geiranger & Norway In A Nutshell trip via Fjord Tours – a company that specialises in tours around Norway. The most common trip is the 1 day tour from Bergen to Oslo but I decided to take an extension. We started in Oslo yesterday early in the morning and took the NSB train to Dombås. It takes about 4 hours. At Dombås we changed to the Rauma Railway – known to be one of the most scenic rail routes in Norway. It didn’t disappoint. We weaved our way through the mountains passing over trout and salmon filled rivers to the town of Åndalsnes where we jumped on the bus for a 2 hour ride to Ålesund. I was quite suprised the trains didn’t take that route but we just sat back and looked at the fjords.

Ålesund seems to be a charming place. We struggled to find a good choice of bars and restaurants but that could be because we are pretty fussy. If anyone has a recommendation for Bergen please let me know…we arrive there on Thursday!

UPDATE:  We did find a fantastic restaurant in Ålesund called Lyst on Kongsgate.  Certainly worth a try!





  1. In Bergen, you should drink beer/wine at Dyvekes:
    Lots of history between those thick walls.

    And maybe you should try the “Potetkjelleren” Restaurant for dinner. I have never been there, but heard it should be very nice:

    • Thanks so much for the recommendation. We were absolutely stuffed full with the free food at the hotel but we did walk over to Dyvekes – what a fantastic little place and apparently haunted! Thanks for the recommendation.

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