Posted by: Sarah | August 3, 2011

Touring West Norway Day 2: The Atlantic Road

We decided to extend our stay in Ålesund and hire a car to make the trip the The Atlantic Road. This is an 8.3km stretch of road 3 hours drive north east of Ålesund.

Now you may think I’ve gone crazy…hiring a car to drive 3 hours to drive on a little bit of road. I’m not a petrol head but when I first saw picture of this place I knew that one day I would make the journey. The Guardian newspaper travel section rates it as the best drive in the world and many car manufacturers use this road to film their adverts.

It was built between 1983 and 1989 and connects lots of little islands together with bridges, causeways and viaducts. It is a little unusual because the road has no fencing either side which means that mad tourists driving the route, like me, are more tempted to look at the view than at the road.

We hired a car from Avis. I would recommend that for folks staying in Ålesund since nearly all of the other car hire vendors are based at the airport – Avis has a place downtown. The journey takes about 3 hours taking the E316 out of Ålesund and then following the E39 up to Vestnes. There you catch a little car ferry over to Molde (approx 150NOK) and then follow the E64 all the way up to Vevang. That is pretty much the start of The Atlantic Road.

We just drove across and back again stopping on the way back for a waffle and coffee – well it has to be done!

We were so lucky with the weather. We got some fantastic photos just before the mist came flooding across at which point you couldn’t see much at all.

Sharing some photos below…









  1. We have wanted to visit the Atlantic Road for several years and thought we could do so when our cruise ship visits KristiansAnd. Alas, we just discovered that the road ends in KristiansUnd. We will have 9 hours in port in Alesund. Is it possible to make the trip from Alesund and back in say 7 hours, allowing the balance for transit time between ship and rental agaency?

    • Hi Alan – when Mum and I did the tour I think it took about 8-9 hours because the famous and most beautiful part of the road is the bit between Vevang and Kårvag which incidentally is much, much closer to Kristiansund than Alesund. It took us perhaps 3.5 hours to get to Vevang from Alesund so you could be a bit tight on time if you’re having to hire a car and get back for the ferry. I’m not sure how much time you have in Kristiansund but you would be much better off going from there. It would probably take you 45 mins max. to get to the stunning section of road you see in all the car adverts :-)

      • Sarah, thanks very much for your response. Since we don’t have a port of call in Kristiansund, we’ll have to pass on the Atlantic Road. It would be a bit dicey to make it back to Alesund in time for the ship’s departure. Thanks again.

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