Posted by: Sarah | August 4, 2011

Touring West Norway Day 3: The Stunning Geiranger Fjord

Yesterday we decided to take a boat trip out to see Geiranger Fjord. This is known to be the most beautiful fjord in Norway and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Again, we booked all of this via Norway In A Nutshell.

What is great about the package is that you use public transport to get around so whilst its an organised tour, you don’t need to wear a tour sticker or follow someone with a flag – you have the freedom and flexibility to do things your way.

We boarded the MS Richard With from Ålesund at 9.30 – this is a Hurtigruten ship. The Hurtigruten is quite a famous company in Norway. It operates several cruise/ferries in a hop-on and hop-off fashion from Kirkenes at the top of Norway to Bergen. Fantastic if you fancy a fjord cruise. We just hopped on for this leg of the trip and sailed the 4 hour journey to the village of Geiranger.

Geiranger fjord itself is a 15km branch just off Storfjord (Great Fjord). There are several impressive waterfalls (including The Seven Sisters) along the way as well as a few abandoned farms. If you saw how steep the fjord was you would not be surprised that folks gave up farming there in the 1950’s. It’s difficult to get a sense of scale so take a close look at the final photo. You will see a little white dot to the left of the picture floating on the water. That is a small boat.

It really is a stunning journey. We left the Hurtigruten ship at Geiranger village and caught the bus back to Ålesund (3 hour trip) which was equally as stunning if not slightly terrifying. I had no fingernails left after we travelled the winding stretch of road up from the fjord base. Sheer drops, camper vans, coaches and cyclists all trying to pass each other on a road just wide enough for a car. It’s not for the faint hearted. The only words of comfort my Mum could give me were “Well Sarah, when your time is up, it’s up!”. Thanks Mum. As you can see in the photo below, Mum was struggling with the stress of travelling.

Some photos…











  1. My Mum is desperate to visit here when she visits me later this year… I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to do it. I didn’t realise you could take the Hurtigruten for such a short leg… is it good value?

    • Hey David – love your blog by the way. I didn’t realise the flexibility of Hurtigruten either. Not sure if that was a Norway In A Nutshell deal that we got but I do think you can just hop on and off the different Hurtigruten ships as you go along the coast. Some folks stayed on right from the top but seeing as we took a couple of short legs it should be possible to start at the top and stay in a few cities on the way down. If I did the tour again I would certainly explore that. Norway In A Nutshell is great value though. Our entire trips of boats, buses, trains etc cost approx 5000NOK each (exc accommodation). That included the cabin on the Hurtigruten for one night.

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