Posted by: Sarah | August 22, 2011

Norway Remembers…One Month On

Yesterday was officially a National Memorial Day in Norway where flags flew half mast and the nation remembered those who died in the terrorist attacks on July 22nd.  The ceremony took place at the Spektrum Arena and formally concluded Norway’s official month of mourning.  Over 6,000 guests were invited including survivors, relatives of those who lost their lives, emergency workers, politicians and royalty from across Scandinavia. 

The ceremony was broadcast live across national TV and radio channels and included songs from artists such as Sivert Høyem and A-ha, speeches from PM Stoltenberg, poetry and possibly the most touching part of the ceremony when each of the 77 victims were named.  So very sad.  Another very emotional part of the ceremony was at the start when King Harald addressed the audience. 

At one point you could hear him choke with emotion as he described himself… “As a father, grandfather and husband, I have some feeling of what you are going through, but I can only imagine the depth of your pain.  As the King of this nation, I feel for each and every one of you”. 

You can see the full speech below and read the English translation on the official Kongeshuset website

Many of the flowers that were placed around Oslo and in front of Oslo Cathedral (Oslo Domkirke) have now been removed and will be composted and used on a memorial garden.  The candles will be recycled and the messages, flags and gifts have been collected by archivists to be protected for future generations.    Norway will never forget this event.  It will be remembered for generations to come and will serve as a reminder as to what makes Norway so special – the democracy, the freedom and the strong unity that brings this nation together.


  1. I am so saddened by this.

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