Posted by: Sarah | December 9, 2011

Our Baby Viking Has Arrived!

If you’ve been following the blog you will know that Eliot and I have been expecting “a new life in Norway” to be born.  I’ve been off work for 3 weeks (according to Norwegian law) to rest before the birth but instead have been baking my way through the 7 traditional Christmas Cookies of Norway.  Well, I’m pleased to announce that Elizabeth Rose was born last Friday (2nd December) weighing 3.3kg at Bærum hospital.  She’s fighting fit and we’re all doing well back home.

When you have a baby in Norway it’s expected that you stay in hospital for a period of time.  We took a family room so Eliot could stay at the hospital with me.  There are some boxes you need to tick to be able to qualify for a family room e.g. be able to breastfeed, have a natural birth etc.  This is because they pretty much leave you to manage on your own but should you need a nurse or midwife you can access one immediately at the press of a button.  If you take a family room you stay in hospital for 2 nights.  If for some reason you can’t get a family room (perhaps your partner isn’t able to stay or they are fully occupied) you need to stay on the ward for 3 nights.

My experience of Bærum Sykehus (Hospital) has been pretty good.  The staff were fantastic.  Special thanks for the two midwives that helped us through the labour process (Ellen and Anne Grette) and the two ward nurses who helped us get back on our feet (Kine and Hege).

If I have one criticism it would have to be the food.  I know we weren’t staying in a hotel but the food was pretty bad – most meals consisted of bread, jam, ham and cheese.  The only hot meal we ate was Risgrøt (a sweet Norwegian porridge) and that was the evening meal!  We ended up buying extra food from the shop downstairs.  It was so lovely to get home where Mum has been cooking up some good old-fashioned British Shepherds Pie!


  1. Congratulations!

    • Thanks Jiangyi!

      • We also have a newborn baby who was born in the Ullevål hospital two months ago. Wish to read more about the baby’s life in Norway. ;)

  2. OH how lovely. I havent even met you but I am from Scotland and due my first baby in March. We are booked in to Ullevaal hospital although we actually live in Bærum. Many many congratulations on your wee cracker! What a beautiful little baby. I have a million questions for you about the birth and how to cope giving birth in Norway without a full grasp of the lingo… but for now I will leave you to enjoy your baby. All the best, Cris

    • Hi Cris
      Thanks for your best wishes. I saw your last email and absolutely I’d be happy to help you out! We didn’t have a clue what was going on so hopefully I can impart some of our experience to help you out. My friend has just joined a yoga class in Oslo so let me find out which one she’s attending and I’ll email over the details. Also, happy to meet up for a coffee if January if you like and I can talk through our experience! In the mean time enjoy your pregnancy and Xmas. I’ll be in touch over email :-)

  3. Congratulations!
    My first grandchild was born on August 18th this year, and I think you have a wonderful time ahead.

  4. Tremendous news! Congratulations and have a great (and very different) Christmas :)

    • Cheers David – yes, this Christmas will be very different :-)

  5. Congratulations! (I gave birth at Ullevål, two years go, and got to stay at the ‘hotel’ for 2 nights as well) Hope all is going well and that you get some sleep :-)

    • Thanks Asta! We’re all well but having a few sleepless nights.

  6. We are all so excited and happy for you both. Lizzie is so pretty! We have found that the first 30 years of parenting are the hardest…
    But your ma-in-law gave Mrs D some brilliant advice. It was to “enjoy every stage”. We know friends who mourned the passing of the toddler phase, or got upset when children left home etc, but we have made a point of cherishing every step of our sons’ journey from little helpless bundles to huge helpful blokes.
    We look forward to welcoming Lizzie to her extended family asap.

    • Thanks Uncle Mick and Aunty Sarah – Good to know that just the first 30 years are the hardest :-) We’ll try to enjoy every stage – hard when she’s crying and keeping us up all night but we’ll try to enjoy it!

  7. Congrats !!! That’s great news ! My best to you all !!!

    • Thanks Nicky!

  8. Congratulations from California and I’m thrilled for your :New Life in Norway.” May you also have some sleep along with your new little life! (as I read the prior post, I realize that perhaps we write from similar backgrounds.) Wishing you days of delight and goodl wishes as you embark on the most challenging and exciting adventure of yours and Eliot’s lives! Joyous Christmas and New Year–these holidays will continue to be even more fun (and hectic) now that Elizabeth Rose is in your lives. Lykke til!

  9. Comgrats! Pretty baby!

    • Thanks Lyn!

  10. Congratulations! :)

  11. Congrats! So happy for you. Maybe they think a light diet is the right thing after birth? Nothing beats your mom’s cooking, for sure, so glad you are being fed :-). Please keep sharing.

    • Cheers Natascha – yes, you’re right. Nothing beats a Mothers cooking although now I’m a mother I think that Lizzie might disagree with that statement. Eliot is head chef in our household :-)

  12. Looks like the menu HAS improved over the last 20 years! When Erin was born 22 years ago the best meal we had was white fish in a white sauce with peeled white potatoes, with a slice of white bread and served on a white plate! You couldn’t see what you were eating!

    • Hey Janice – great to hear from you. Yes, I guess the food at least looks a little more appetising than white fish, white bread and white potatoes :-)

  13. Hello and congratulations on Elizabeth Rose’s safe arrival. You may be interested to know that there is an active Mother and Baby/Toddler group that meets in Høvik Church hall on Wednesday mornings. 9.30-12.00. It is a great place to meet lots of English speaking mums and tots. You probably want to wait until the new year now though! I went regularly when my three were small- but my youngest is 8 already-so I don’t have any contact details for you. Mostly people just drop in one day to see how it is…and end up on the committee two years down the line! I actually started going before my first was even born ;)

    • Thanks Gillian – that’s really useful! I might just make my way there in the New Year. Would be good to meet other English speaking Mums. Great tip!

    • Hi Gillian – now that Lizzie has been born and this is my first week home alone with her (Eliot is back at work) I wondered whether to attempt to venture out of the house alone to the Høvik baby/toddler group tomorrow. Do you know if it’s on tomorrow or will is start in a weeks time? Thanks Sarah

  14. Utterly delighted with your fantasic news…isn’t she so beautiful! Health and happiness to you all..enjoy

    • Thanks so much. I think she’s beautiful but I guess as her mummy I’m bias :-)

  15. Belated congratulations! :)

    • Thanks Becky!

    • Thanks for the greetings Becky – Lizzie Rose is keeping well and starting to sleep long hours…thank goodness!

  16. Congratulations Sarah! I have not been reading your blog for a while. I was a bit busy with paperworks to get married here in Norway with my fiance. So finally we did it :)
    Elizabeth Rose is so beautiful and cute!
    Best to you

    • Thank you Elvan. I think she’s cute…such a sweetie. She’s starting to smile and laugh now so things are getting better :-)

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