Posted by: Sarah | January 19, 2012

Pregnant In Norway: Don’t Forget The Freebies

Below is a list of freebies that you can register for if you are pregnant in Norway.  I can’t believe how many free trial products are available – brilliant!  Some of the packs are better than others but they’re all free so make the most of them.  In most cases you’ll need to apply no earlier than 3 months before your due date.

Apotek1 Babybox:
Complete the online registration and receive and email.  Print off the email and walk into your local Apotek1 and pick up your box of goodies.  This is a pretty heavy box so pick it up at the end of your shopping trip!  Register here

Complete the online form and you should receive a pack of sample products through the post.  I haven’t received it yet so can’t tell you what’s included but be patient.  Register here

Rimi Barnepakke:
Complete the online registration and you should receive a card through the post.  Go to your local Rimi and pick up your pack.  Really good box of goodies – takes a while for voucher to arrive.  Register here

Vitusapotek Babybaby:
Complete the online form, receive an email and print it off.  Take it to your local Vitusapotek and receive your pack!  This has to be the best box I’ve received so far so worth getting.  Register here

BAM gavepakke:
Register online and the pack will be sent through the post direct to your home.  It’s a fairly small pack but there are some good offers and discount vouchers in there.  Register here


  1. Wow – I didn’t know there was more than one pharmacy that had packs! I only got one last time! And I hadn’t heard about the Rimi pack. I got one from Lindex as well (2 years ago now). Great (and useful) list – hope all is going well with the little one :-)

    • Hi Asta – glad you like the list. I didn’t realise there are so many and they’re full of goodies. Lizzie is keeping well and we’re just starting a routine. She slept for 7 hours last night – YIPPPEEE!!!

  2. Thanks so much for the list. When I went in to register on the BAM one there was also another offer from Tanum:

    My Norwegian isnt great so I am not 100% sure of all the terms and stuff but it is worth registering anyway.

    • Hi Cris – yes, I registered for that one too but just be careful. The first set of books is free (you just have to pay postage – about 110NOK) but after that they send you a book each month which you have to pay for (about 250NOK a month) unless you go into the website and decline it. That lasts for a year and you have to decline it each month. I didn’t realise this and ended up paying for the first couple of months. They’re all in Norwegian and in hindsight, it probably isn’t worth registering for that one unless you want to practice Norwegian :-)

  3. Hi im wonderig if my husband can sign up for this?

    • Hi Jamie – I think it’s possible. It’s normally one pack per household so they look at the address rather than the name. Good luck!

  4. I gonna be mama av twins in 03-02-2014. Happy and tired…

    • Wow Telma – best of luck with that. I can totally understand that you are tired. Are you in Norway? If so, PLEASE take care on the ice :-)

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