Posted by: Sarah | February 2, 2012

6 Baby Essentials For A Winter In Norway

It’s only -9 degrees today…pretty mild compared to the last two winters we’ve spent in Norway.  It hasn’t quite reached the seriously nostril freezing, hair snapping temperature we’re used to which is a bit of a surprise but a blessing.  Normally in February you can walk across the fjord because it’s frozen…not this year!  Must be global warming?!?!

Lizzie is 2 months old today.  I can’t believe it.  I have no idea where the last two months have gone.  As any new first time parent will say “it’s a pretty steep learning curve”.  When you live in foreign climates and need to cope with the cold, you have some extra lessons to learn.  Thanks to all of our friends who have given us tips and advice on surviving a winter with a newborn!

Choose A Decent Stroller/Pram:
Don’t go for fashion…go for practicality.  Norwegians are big into walking (no matter what the weather) so you’ll need a stroller with big wheels so you can push it through all types of snow.

Three wheeled strollers are great around the shops but you’ll be creating three tracks in the snow…hard work but good exercise.  Good brands include TFK, Teutonia (I have this one), Mountain Buggy.  Four wheel prams are brilliant for walking through the snow but less easy to steer around shopping centers when it’s -10 or lower and you can’t go outside.  Good brands include Emmaljunga, Brio, Easywalker.

Wool Baby Clothes:
Speak to any Norwegian mother and they will tell you to buy wool clothing for your baby and only wool clothing.  It’s a big thing over here.  Not great if you’re allergic to wool but in these temperatures, wool is best.  It keeps them warm and if the baby dribbles, it won’t go cold against their skin.  You can buy wool/silk or cotton blends so it’s less itchy.

Check out Cubus (they sell merino body suits in the shops…not online), Lindex, KappAhl and Juniorbarneklær

Baby Sleeping Bag:
If you go for a winter walk in Norway, this is essential.  These sleeping bags (Vinterpose or Vognpose in Norwegian) can been placed in the stroller/bag and will keep your little one toasty in temperatures up to -10 degrees.  If it’s colder then -10 degrees the advice from the health station is to stay indoors.

Popular brands include Voksi and Troller.  I bought the Troller because it won Best In Test on TV2 and you can extend it so it lasts until the child is 6 years old – buy it from

Wool Breast Pads:
If you’re breast-feeding then make sure you invest in a pair of wool breast pads (Ammeinnlegg in Norwegian) to keep your breast milk warm.  If you don’t, it will get painful.

You can buy them from baby shops including BabyShopBarnasHusRudo and Nøstebarn.

Stokke Tripp Trapp:
Okay, this isn’t essential for the winter but they’re hugely popular in Norway.  Many Norwegian Mum’s tell me that they buy a Stokke Tripp Trapp high chair for their little ones and keep them for generations to come.  This particular model has a small baby seat that can be fixed and used from birth so the baby can sit at the table for dinner with the rest of the family.  Very cool.

Car Seat Footmuff:
This is a pretty cool invention.  When you’re moving about with a baby it can be a lot of hassle putting them in their wool suit and then into the car seat.  We bought a MaxiCosi and they sell a sleeping bag accessory that you fit into the seat so all you have to do is pop baby in the car seat, fasten the straps and zip them up!

Have I missed anything?


  1. Sarah I’m reading your blog regularly, thanks for your updates. I’m glad you’re all doing good. Being the parent is the best thing one can have from life :)
    I heard that stuff for babies in Norway are quite cheap comparing to other countries in Europe. Is that true?
    Cheers :)

    • Hi Dragan – funny you should mention stuff being cheaper. I have noticed that nappies/diapers are much cheaper in Norway than in the UK (approx 1/2 price). The clothes are cheaper in the UK but then you can’t get some of the stuff you need in the UK. The wool outfits and baby sleeping bag are items I haven’t seen before in the UK. A lot of the “big” items (car seats and strollers) are about 1/3 cheaper in Sweden so it’s common for Norwegians to pop over the border for those kind of products. Take care!

  2. I think you covered most things – the wool clothing especially! We all seem to be addicted to the stuff and feel like bad parents if we don’t put our children in wool, several layers :-) I was planning to get lots of it in the UK, as clothes are often a lot cheaper over there, but I couldn’t find any! I found one online shop, but they only sold white (boring) clothes, so I have to buy it all here. When the little one is a bit older have a look at Pierre Robert that you can get in most supermarkets, it is great, colourful and washes well (I accidently put a body from nøstebarn in to the wash with lots of other items… it did not go well…) :-)

    • I know exactly what you mean Asta – I tried to find wool baby clothes in the UK and you have to order online at boutique baby stores. NEXT and the other shops don’t do anything like that so I’ve had to buy all the wool stuff here. I buy the Joha brand when in the sale but after several washes they’re starting to look a bit thin. I don’t have a good history of washing either. Managed to add a hint of pink to all of Eliot’s work shirts at one point – he wasn’t impressed.

  3. Hi there!
    my husband and I moved to Oslo last year, and last month we had our first baby! We are originally from Spain although for the last 5 years we’ve been living in England. Coming to Norway and getting to know all the little tricks to keep your baby warm and cozy is proving a bit of a challenge… Every time I go out with little Candela I keep checking she is not freezing! It’s great to read your blog and get some helpful advice!

    • Hi Sandra – great to hear from you. I know exactly what you mean about keeping baby warm. I’m paranoid that I don’t put enough clothes on Lizzie. The Norwegians seem to layer up their babies 5 times over – I only put a couple of layers on Lizzie and she seems fine. Wool, wool, wool – that’s all my friends tell me!

  4. Hi Sarah!!
    My name is Prarthana and I m moving to Oslo next month with my toddler. You have an interesting blog , I was just wondering if you could help me answer a few questions?
    1. Which brand of car seat is the best to buy?

    2.which stroller should I buy for my toddler?

    It’ll be great if you could let me know!! Thank you

    • So sorry for the delay Prarthana – welcome to Oslo! You’re probably here by now. Not sure how old your toddler is but we’ve just upgraded Lizzie’s car seat to a new model that has just hit the shops in Oslo called Cybex ( I think it’s a German make but what I love about it is that it swivels making it easy for toddler to get in/out. It’s also rear and forward facing so quite flexible. I know that BeSafe is a popular car seat brand in Norway. In terms of stroller…some of the most popular include Mountain Buggy ( which has 3 wheels so great for walking or the Emmaljunga which is a Swedish brand ( which is fantastic quality and looks great. I bought a Teutonia – 3 wheel pram which is great for walking with the flexibility to have it facing front/rear. I hope that helps!

  5. Great info! Any tips for changing a daipers with all of those layers??? Thanks!

    • Ha ha Diana – sorry for the delay in my reply. I have no tips on changing babies with lots of layers on…only take your time! :-)

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