Posted by: Sarah | February 20, 2012

Shrove Sunday…An Excuse To Eat A Boller!

Yesterday marked the start of Fastelavn (Fastelavnssøndag) in Norway which translated means Shrove Tide.  I’ve written a post about this festival once before but what I didn’t cover is the fact that this period lasts for 3 days in Scandinavian countries unlike other countries which celebrate Shrove Tuesday only.

It starts on Sunday (Fastelavnssøndag or Shrove Sunday) when you’re supposed to eat special cakes called Fastelavnsboller.  These are like donuts filled with jam and cream with icing sugar sprinkled on top.  I don’t need much of an excuse to eat cake so yesterday I bought a couple of these cakes – I thought it only right that we should follow local traditions.  I felt extremely sick after eating it.  Think I’ll give up cakes for lent to compensate.

On Monday (Blåmondag or Blue Monday) you’re supposed to eat plenty of meat.  It’s called Blue Monday because in the Middle Ages, priests would cover the altar with a blue cloth to signify that they had started fasting.

Finally, Tuesday (Hvitetirsdag or White Tuesday) is the day you’re supposed to eat all of the white fatty products left in the house e.g. milk, cheese.  This is probably why in the UK we celebrate Shrove Tuesday by eating lots of pancakes.

Then Ash Wednesday arrives and fasting begins for Lent.  I’m giving up cakes for lent…are you giving up anything?


  1. I never need an excuse for boller :)

    • Very true David..very true :-)

  2. Love reading your posts, Sarah. Fastelavn (Fastelavnssøndag) wasn’t a tradition that we followed growing up so it’s fun to be, once again, in the learning mode when reading your blogs.

    Side note. . .we loved boller in our family growing up and mom was called “bolla” (we speak nynorsk) when she was a child ‘cuz she was sweet, little, and everyone loved her.

    Keep up your wonderful blogging–I’m amazed that you have the time with you little one!

    • Hey Brit – great to hear from you again and nice to learn that the nynorsk word is “bolla”. Glad you like the blog posts. I’ll try to keep learning and posting – let me know if there’s something you think I should try.

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