Posted by: Sarah | February 25, 2012

Eddie The Eagle Ski Jumper Turns Dancer For BBC Sport Relief

Eddie “the Eagle” Edwards was Britain’s first ever competitive ski jumper.  He first showcased his talent at the winter Olympics in 1988 and despite finishing last in all of his competitions, the guy is a legend both in the UK and Norway.  Nearly every Norwegian I have met has heard of Eddie and many are fans.  As one Norwegian said to me “the guy is totally dangerous but Norwegians really like a trier”.

Tonight he showcased another talent – dancing.  Taking part in the BBC program “Lets dance for Sport Relief”, Eddie showed the UK that he can throw the same shapes as Austin Powers.  It’s hilarious.  I really hope he wins.  The video below shows the performance (sound not great).


  1. I remember ” Eddie The Eagle” !!! He was big here in America as well !!! It was his attitude and personality that won us over..

    • Eddie is a legend Nicky – yes, I saw that he took part in competitions in America. He must be a global superstar for being the least talented ski jumper…funny.

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