Posted by: Sarah | March 8, 2012

Obtaining A Passport For A British Baby Born Abroad

Last week we took Lizzie back to the UK so that she could meet family and friends.  I asked passport control to stamp her passport for her first trip on the way back into Oslo (right).  Wouldn’t you have thought that they would have put a picture of a fjord or a ski jump on the stamp?  Come on Gardermoen – you can do better than that :-)

Quick tip – if you fly with British Airways all infants can travel with a car seat, buggy, hand luggage and 23kg suitcase – now that’s a lot of Marmite.  See last post.

Anyway, gone are the days where baby just tags onto Dads passport.  She needs her own and given that we’ve just been through the process, this is how you do it.

  • Give yourself plenty of time – approx 6 weeks
  • Watch the video on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office website.  This is the specific page for Norway.
  • Complete the form for children under 16 either online or print off and complete.  Here are the guidance notes.  We did the online (OL) version.
  • Get some passport photos done.  Guidelines are listed in the notes for the form.  They’re pretty lenient for babies but we managed to get the full face, eyes open, mouth closed pose required…only she looks like a gangster on a usual suspects line up.
  • Get someone (professional British citizen preferable) who has known you for 2 years at least to sign the form and sign the back of one of the photographs to verify that the baby looks like the photograph.
  • You also need to seek out parent birth certificates and marriage certificate (if relevant) to prove that the child is entitled to a British passport.  You also need to send the local birth certificate for the baby. What you send depends on who signs the form on behalf of the baby so read the guidelines carefully. We basically sent everything so there wouldn’t be a delay.
  • You will need to pay money for the passport and for the postage associated with sending the passport back as well as the supporting documents.  We completed the credit card form and sent that with everything.
  • Send everything to Düsseldorf – yes, you did read that correctly.  Every continent has a regional passport processing office.  For some reason the European regional processing office for a Great British passport is not Great Britain (as you would expect) but Düsseldorf, Germany.  No idea why.
Good luck!


  1. We had one delievered after 7 weeks – only to find that they had put the wrong name in (and added a signature!), so had to return it and get a new one (allthough second time around it only took them a week!)

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