Posted by: Sarah | April 4, 2012

Hungry And In A Hurry? Grab A Quick Lunch or “Kvikk Lunsj”

Everyone knows that Norwegians are skiing enthusiasts.  Well, come the summer months they’re also enthusiastic about walking (går på tur) and if ever there’s a symbol that represents the national sport of hiking it has to be the Kvikk Lunsj.  This chocolate covered wafer bar first hit the shelves in 1939 made by Norwegian manufacturer Freia.  It’s almost identical to KitKat with individual fingers that can be snapped off and eaten.

Why is this so synonymous with hiking?  Most Norwegians will carry a few of these on a hiking trip – partly as a little treat when they have a “hot toddy” drink stop and partly to bribe their kids to walk a little further.

What I love about this bar (apart from the fact that it’s chocolate) is the packaging.  It really appeals to my “marketing” mind as every bar is a little different.  Check out the back to meet a Norwegian hiker and open up the packaging to see a route of their favourite hiking trail and why they like it so much.

Freia have really jumped onto this and now have a special app for the iPhone where you can download tours or create a tour to share.  Apparently the average Norwegian eats 9 Kvikk Lunsj bars every year with 3 of those being consumed at Easter!  That’s over 500 tons of chocolate bars a year.

Here’s a little commercial titled “Takk for turen” or Thanks for the hiking tour” to celebrate 70 years of the chocolate bar.


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