Posted by: Sarah | May 18, 2012

Golfing In Norway

My Dad has always been a keen golfer.  So much so that he tried to introduce me to the sport when I was about 11 years old.  It cost him a pane of glass in the greenhouse and nearly the sight in one eye.  I never picked up a golf club again until I moved to Norway thinking that perhaps I might have improved.  I was wrong.

If you want to play golf regularly in Norway you need to take the Green Card course.  To obtain a green card you need to attend a course to learn the basics of golfing including etiquette, skill and theory.  The idea is that you’re not a danger to others on the golf course and that you don’t hold people up on the golf course.  Once you complete the theory and practical you’re issued with a handicap and a green card that can be used across Europe.  Here’s a list of the top 100 courses in Norway.

A couple of years ago Eliot, my friend Line and I decided to take the Green Card course at Haga Golf Club in Bekkestua.  This is quite a posh club but there aren’t that many options around Oslo so we gave it a go!  It started on Friday night with theory and then we jumped into practical all of Saturday and Sunday.  That’s where it started to go wrong.

Haga have a fantastic indoor golf practice area where you can hit balls into a net.  It was here that I quickly realised the importance of a golfing glove.  After a spectacular swing my golf club slipped out of my hand, into the ceiling and then landed approximately 1 foot away from Line.  As her life flashed before her eyes, the golf pro promptly marched me into the shop to buy a glove.

This was closely followed by me losing a ball in the indoor golf simulator.  A fantastic room with a computer simulation screen that tracks the speed and distance of your shot.  Somehow the ball disappeared behind the fabric screen.  Another embarrassing moment asking the golf pro for a new ball because I lost one in the simulator.

My final disaster happened on the golf range where the chap in the cubicle below had a few extras balls drop in from the sky above where I kept missing the shot.

All in all I don’t think golf is really a sport for me.  Not surprisingly, I don’t get the email newsletters or updates from the golf pro anymore – both Line and Eliot do.   That said, it’s a very popular sport with Norwegians and I can recommend Haga as a good place to learn with mini courses and simulators.

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