Posted by: Sarah | May 27, 2012

Norwegian Constitution Day (May 17) Around The World

May 17 (or Norwegian Constitution Day) is possibly the biggest celebration in the calendar year for Norwegians.  We’ve written a couple of posts on the blog before about this celebration (here and here) but today I received a comment from a Norwegian lady who lives in Oregon, USA.  I took a look at her blog and realised just how big this celebration is around the world.

Here’s a video put together by NRK showing celebrations around the world.

Norwegians living around the world continue to celebrate this day with parades, ice cream, hot dogs (pølser) and the national anthem “Ja vi elsker“.  Below are some photos that’s I’ve found on the internet to give you some insight as to how patriotic the Norwegians are – I just love it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


  1. i was in Oslo at 17th May 2012, Hurra..!!! :-)

    • Very lucky Hunni – great day to be in Norway

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