Posted by: Sarah | July 22, 2012

One Year On…Norway Remembers

It’s raining today.  I remember a year ago today the weather was much the same.  As I worked at home I heard the sound of thunder from my kitchen.  Little did I realise, it was a bomb exploding in Oslo.  Half an hour later I heard police sirens echoing around the fjord (something you don’t hear that often in Norway).  Little did I realise, they were on their way to Utøya. 

One year on…Norway remembers. 

This morning the King, Queen and Prime Minister attended a service at the location of the bomb.  Later this afternoon the Prime Minister addressed the political youth camp on Utøya.  Tonight there will be a concert in Oslo to celebrate the lives of those who tragically died. 

Yesterday Eliot, Lizzie and I took a stroll around Oslo.  It was bustling with people shopping, chatting and sun bathing.  We found a shady spot near Akerhus Fortress so Lizzie could have a roll around.  As we were getting ready to leave we noticed an oak tree.  You don’t see many of those in Norway.  There was a little plaque at the bottom that read:

“This tree is a gift from London to the people of Oslo in memory of all the innocent lives lost of 22 July 2011.  They will never be forgotten.” 
Boris Johnson.  Major of London

Norway stands defiant, united and entrenched in their values stronger than ever before.  The perpetrator (who I’m not even going to name) failed in his quest to change this beautiful country and in my view is nothing more than a deranged terrorist that needs to be locked up and never released.

Today Eliot and I remember all those who tragically lost their lives in the bomb and the shooting on Utøya.  We also remember all of those who have been impacted by the awful shooting in Aurora, Denver.   So sad.


  1. I cannot say like here, but thank you for sharing this.

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